How Talisman Works

Talisman is a free sport prediction game that you can play with your friends; simply sign up, create or join a league (or as many leagues as you like) and start playing!

You can enter your predictions any time you want, and you can come back and change them right up until what you’ve predicted starts. After this point you'll be able to see what predictions everyone else in your league has made.

Football match predictions are for full time scores not including extra time or penalties. For every score you predict correctly you get three points; if you miss out on the correct score but still get the right result (home win, draw or away win) you get one point.

Players level on points are separated by average “rubbishness”, the Talisman equivalent of goal difference. Your rubbishness score for each game tells you how terrible your prediction was, and is calculated by adding together how many home goals you were wrong by, how many away goals you were wrong by, and how many goals you missed the winning margin by. The lower your rubbishness the better – an exact score prediction has a rubbishness rating of zero.

All times are in BST and are subject to change; Talisman is not responsible for any changes.
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